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Although most classes are individually arranged as one-on-one or small group sessions, there are scheduled classes too.

30 April 2017      Toronto/CSI, 585 Dundas St East        The Home Portrait Studio       

12 Noon—4PM. You will learn how to use small flashes to produce professional portraits in a home-type environment. Model and make-up artist supplied. Intended for: serious amateurs, emerging pros. Requirements: basic camera knowledge; a camera with a standard hotshoe (i.e. older Sony cameras excluded). Subjects covered include: Studio Flash Recipe; Off Camera Flash using radio triggers; Modifiers; Interacting with your subject; Using a Model; Using a Make-Up Artist; Legal: releases.

$249 +HST p.p.

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13 May 2017      Toronto/CSI, 585 Dundas St East        Photographer + Computer  

12 Noon—4PM. You will learn how to use your computer to maximum benefit, including the use of Adobe Lightroom. Intended for: Any photographer, amateur or pro, who wants to improve computer skills and wants to start saving time with Lightroom. Requirements: You need to bring a laptop with Lightroom installed. An external hard dis is recommended, if possible; but is not necessary.  Subjects covered include: Your camera’s tech: Menus, Setup; EXIF data; Basic computer skills for photographers: Setup and Backup;  Multiple computers (desktop and laptop): challenges & solutions; A Good Workflow (one that saves time!); Lightroom for Editing.

$149 +HST p.p.

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