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Available Courses

Most classes are individually arranged as one-on-one or small group sessions. They can also be put on as scheduled classes. The following is a list of available course material. (Additional courses can be created).

One-on-one Training     $125/hour

Michael can teach you what you need to know, on your schedule. Take advantage of this rate: You will be taught exactly what you need, the way you learn, and at the pace you learn at.  The total duration of the session is up to you: you decide when you have had enough. Two-hour minimum applies unless the course is in Michael's studio. Travel may be extra, depending on factors like  time and distance.

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DSLR Camera (Any Brand): Basics     From $99/hour

Even for simple snapshots, you need to know more than you might have thought. This course teaches you!

You learn all the basics of your camera's operation. And beyond simple "snapshot" use, you learn to operate the camera in Program Mode. Such subjects as focus, exposure, and many other adjustments will all become clear in this course. You will be able to adjust the camera to your needs!

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DSLR Camera (Any Brand): Advanced     From $99/hour

In the follow-up to Camera Basics, you you really get to know your camera’s advanced functions - but more importantly, you learn the secrets of aperture, shutter speed, the histogram, RAW, and many other advanced subjects. This makes you into a "real" photographer!

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Many other courses are available "off the shelf". Go here to book: